Girly-Girls Unlimited - Self-Defense & Kickboxing for Women and Girls of all ages!!!
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Our instructor team is dedicated to promoting self-defense for girly-girls of all ages!  We offer seminars that can be tailored to meet specific age groups in a safe, friendship based environment that fosters the ability to learn and grasp the concepts presented for the purposes of keeping girls protected. 

Self-Defense Seminars 

Basic Seminar      3 hours w/ refreshment break
     Informational seminar for the Girly-Girl who has never taken any type of self-defense program
·         Awareness & Prevention
·         Some hands-on techniques that include basic strikes & blocks
·         Boundary Setting
·         Verbal Defense
·         Stranger vs. Known Attackers
·         Bully Defense
·         Internet Safety
Basic+                             3 hours w/refreshment break
      Follows the Basic Seminar (must have had the Basic Seminar within 3 months)
·         Dating Rights
                    Inappropriate Touch/Groping
·         Home Alone
·         90% hands on! 
o   Adding more movement to striking techniques
o   Multiple strikes
·         Verbal Defense Revisited!
·         Bag work drills
Advance Seminar             4 hours w/refreshment break
Follows Basic+ Seminar.  (must have had the Basic & Basic+ within 6 months)
·         More hands-on fun w/bag work
·         Weapon defense
·         Choke Defense
·         Ground fighting techniques
·         Improvised Weapons
·         Applied techniques on actual male attacker
·         Test for Certificate – Multiple Choice (prize for completion)
Prices:  (minimum groups of 10 or more)  ($60 per student for entire course)
Basic Seminar              3 hours          $20 includes booklet & handouts
Basic+ Seminar             3 hours          $20 includes handouts & key ring ‘Gems’
Advance Seminar          4 hours          $25 includes handouts & Graduation
**T-shirts available for $10                         
Prices are ‘per student’  - Larger group discounted rates available!

Kickboxing Program
6 week Kickboxing Sessions are offered at various times throughout the year through the Watsonville Police Activities League...Contact us if you would like to be placed on a list to receive registration information.

Create your own class:  If you have a group of at least 10 girls,
we can create a session specifically for your group. 
Cost:Kickboxing Sessions are $500 for six weeks with up to 18 girls
           (that ends up costing less than $28 per student) 

Gently used gloves are provided to all participants,
however gloves can be purchased for only $20. 
T-Shirts available for $10
Sweatshirts available for $30
Interested in becoming a sponsor?  
Businesses or individuals may Sponsor both Self-Defense and Kickboxing sessions and receive a tax write off.
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